Stewardship of Environment and Resources

Another important part of our faithful stewardship is taking care of our resources.  In many cases we are depleting non-renewable resources, polluting our air, ground and water, eroding topsoil and treating our earth as a waste receptacle.  Taking care of these resources should be a major priority for all of us.  We have heard many preaching a “green vision”.  Even Dr. Seuss in his book, "The Lorax," wrote, “But now says the Once-ler, Now that you’re here, the Lorax seems perfectly clear.  UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not!”

Barbara Kingsolver, well-known novelist, wrote, “The first steps toward stewardship are awareness, appreciation, and the selfish desire to have the things around for our kids to see.  Presumably the unselfish motives will follow as we wise up.”

Here are a few ideas for reducing our consumption, reusing, recycling, and restoring our many  resources.  Use them for creative thinking of things that you can do.

Reduce water consumption

  • run your dishwasher only when full
  • buy a water saving model toilet or place a brick in your tank
  • water lawns at night or in the early morning, use a timer
  • reduce evaporation with soaker hoses
  • plant plants that require less water

Reduce paper and plastic consumption

  • print on both sides of paper
  • use reusable shopping bags
  • don’t use disposable dishes
  • don’t use Ziploc bags—use reusable food storage containers
  • use newspaper for window washing rather than paper towels

Reduce waste and garbage

  • reuse everything possible
  • recycle everything possible
  • purchase in bulk to avoid packaging waste
  • give away anything useable rather than throwing it away

Reduce consumption

  • buy only recycled
  • use rechargeable batteries
  • share resources with others
  • use a push mower or hire a lawn service
  • drive less, walk more, take public transportation, carpool, don’t make unnecessary trips.

Conserve energy

  • turn lights off
  • run dishwasher less frequently
  • use fans instead of AC
  • use solar panel lights when possible
  • weatherize
  • adjust thermostats
  • purchase new energy saving models

The lists could go on and on.  Let us remember again that stewardship is about caring for God’s gift of the earth, conserving, preserving and recycling.