Faithful Living

Giving to God
Our Duty and Delight!  Stewardship is about giving to God.... Stewardship is often thought about as managing our money.  It is!  It is also about dealing with so much more. More Info.

Time and Talent
Through our baptism we receive and discover our talents, our spiritual gifts.  We find ways to unpack and use these gifts for the sake of Jesus, the church and the world.

Stewardship of the Body
Paul calls our bodies the “Temple of the Holy Spirit.”  As Christians, many of us are destroying the Temple of God with excess food, insufficient sleep, and physical inactivity. We can show faithful stewardship over our bodies by changing our eating and exercising habits.  More info.

Stewardship of the Environment & Resources
God created us and made us stewards of the earth.   We try to teach our youth the importance of caring for creation.  To show our love and to be God’s stewards on earth we need to reduce, recycle and reuse the resources God has provided for us. More info.


Mission Endowment Fund
The Mission Endowment Fund (MEF) distributes the annual earnings from its endowments to ministry expressions beyond the operating budget of King of Kings.   More Info.