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Who We Are

King of Kings Sanctuary Our Christian community at King of Kings attempts to grow through God's word to become Christ's disciples and to bring God's kingdom to this area of the world and beyond.

We walk together on our journey of faith:  We are a diverse community, coming from different backgrounds, different parts of the world and from different faith communities or none at all.  Yet we find unity in our faith and common purpose of thanking and serving God.

We worship:  We come together to give thanks to God who is generous and loving and to be reminded of God’s love and grace. We pray, sing, listen and respond to God’s word, share in community, and receive God’s blessing.

We grow in faith:  We come together to learn through scripture, discussion of current events, sharing our stories, joining in fellowship and giving and receiving support, encouragement, and challenge.

We serve:  Our King of Kings community has been serving the eastern Milwaukie and northwestern Clackamas County area since 1965. In addition to our Kings Cupboard neighborhood food pantry and prayer shawl ministry, we also support local ministries including JOIN and Backpack Buddies.

We partner: King of Kings is in partnership with 10,470 congregations, 28 Lutheran colleges and universities, 8 seminaries, over 260 world-wide missionaries, one of the largest non-profit social service networks in the United States serving over 6.0 million people every year, Lutheran Disaster Response and Lutheran World Relief, all ministries of the 4.8 million member Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).


In Micah 6:8, when the prophet Micah told his people how to practice faith, he told them to do justice and to love mercy.  When Jesus was asked about ultimate matters, part of his response was “to love your neighbor as yourself.” 

Jesus didn’t just address the spiritual needs of the people he met, his was a hands-on ministry that addressed human needs for health, wholeness and inclusion.  Our King of Kings community attempts to focus all aspects of our lives on these principles.


We are Reconciled In Christ: we the people of King of Kings Lutheran Church have made the commitment to affirm that WE LOVE because God first loved us.  With the help of the Holy Spirit, we seek to transform our community in Christ into a safer, more caring community where we are free to be the people God intends us to be.  Therefore, trusting in Christ, we the people of King of Kings welcome all with love and hospitality.  We declare our support and welcome to people who experience discrimination based on race, religion, poverty, physical features, physical or mental infirmities, mental illness, age, gender, gender identity or sexual orientation

King of Kings Staff:

 Pastor Sharon L. Hughes
 Pastor Hughes is an intentional interim   pastor. She is called by the council to walk with King of Kings in discernment in calling a fulltime pastor.

Susan Carder

Susan Carder, Church Secretary
Susan is the voice that you hear first when you call KOK. She prepares weekly bulletins, monthly newsletters and everything else that needs to be done in between.


Lonnie ClineLonnie Cline, Choir Director
Lonnie Cline recently retired as Conductor of Classical Choral Music and Director of “Vocal Jazz studies at Clackamas Community College (CCC) in Oregon City, Oregon. 

He holds a B.A. in Music Education, Vocal Specialist from Idaho State University, Pocatello, Idaho.  He studied for a M.A. in Choral Conducting at the University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon, where he was a graduate teaching fellow and director of two University vocal jazz ensembles. 

Karen Corbett

Karen Corbett , Organist 


Our Mission
Doing justice, loving kindness,
walking humbly with God.

(from Micah 6:8)


Centered in Christ, we love all, welcome all, and strive for justice and peace.

We value:   

bullet Listening to God and each other        
bullet Recognizing the Holy in everyone        
bullet Acting with courage        
bullet Practicing gratefulness and gernerosity locally and globally        
bullet Honoring all Creation        
bullet Maintaining honest, healthy relationships