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King of Kings:

A church for those who are hungry


Are you looking for something more in life? Do you crave connection with other people, meaning and purpose, a chance to make a difference? We’ve got many ways for you to connect.

  • Hungry for food?

  • Hungry for meaning and purpose?

  • Hungry for connection and community?

  • Hungry for discussion and learning?

Check here for more information. Please explore our web site to see if there is a place for you to connect. Come by and visit the church. We'd love to get to know you better!



Sunday, March 17 ~ 2nd Sunday in Lent

8:45 am - Adult Forum

10:00 am - Worship & Communion

                     Rev. Sharon L. Hughes                               preaching

11:30 am -Coffee & Social Time


Wednesday, March 20

6:00 pm - Soup Supper

6:45 pm - Worship



Sunday, March 24 ~ 3rd Sunday in Lent

10:00 am - Worship & Communion

 11:30 am -Coffee & Social Time



Wednesday, March 27

6:00 pm - Soup Supper

6:45 pm - Worship

King's Cupboard logo


Thursday,March 28

Pantry Open 3-6 pm



Sunday, March 31~ 4th Sunday in Lent

10:00 am - Worship & Communion

 11:30 am -Coffee & Social Time



Wednesday, April 3

6:00 pm - Soup Supper

6:45 pm - Worship


Sunday, April 7~ 5th Sunday in Lent

10:00 am - Worship & Communion

 11:30 am -Coffee & Social Time




We encourage participation of all children at worship services.  There is an children's activity time during the sermon.


King's Cupboard logoKing's Cupboard

A community based emergency food pantry.

To donate, volunteer or receive help, click here for more information.


Current Newsletter

March Newsletter (a pdf file)  Download

March Calendar (a pdf file) Download

March 2019 Servers (a pdf file) Download

April 2019 Servers (a pdf file) Download




Frequently Asked Questions about Safe Overnight Shelter

What is it? 

Safe Overnight Shelter is a Pilot program authorized by Clackamas County to provide temporary parking spaces for people who lack permanent housing to safely park overnight and sleep in their vehicles.  Potential clients would apply through the county to ensure they met the criteria set up by the church.  They would need to agree to rules ensuring the safety and comfort of the church, the neighbors, and themselves.  They would be provided with support services from the Providence’s Bob (Better Outcomes Through Bridges) Program to help them work on goals leading to their own stability.

Why would a church want to do that?

People currently park their vehicles in the church parking lot overnight without authorization, communication, or behavior agreements.  The congregation would like to have a say about who parks here overnight and build a relationship with them that would benefit us all.  The congregation would like to link clients with support services so that people can find hope and perhaps cycle out of homelessness.

How many cars will be authorized to park in the church lot?

Up to 3

What will be the hours?

Vehicles will be permitted to park from 6 pm to 8 am, though hours may be modified for guests according to their work schedule.

Where in the parking lot will the vehicles park?

We haven’t decided yet, but maybe near the median strip in the back parking lot, on the north side.

What about garbage?

The church will provide trash collection.  Clients will agree to rules about keeping spaces around vehicles tidy.

What about bathrooms?

The church will provide a porta-potty and a hand-washing station.

What about visitors?

Visitors will be allowed between 6pm and 9:30 pm and will be expected to abide by the Safe Overnight Shelter rules

What about pets?

Pets will be considered on a case by case basis.

What if unauthorized campers come and try to join the authorized ones?

Unauthorized campers will be asked to move along as soon as the church becomes aware of their presence.  They will be provided with a packet of information about resources and the application process for Safe Overnight Shelter. 

What about cooking?

Guests may cook near their vehicles using approved appliances and cleaning up immediately afterward.

What about drugs and alcohol?

Drugs and alcohol will be strictly prohibited on or near church grounds. 

Who do I call if there are problems?

If Clackamas County approves the permit, you will be given a number to contact that will be available day or night to quickly address concerns that may emerge.





Pastor Sharon L. Hughes  

For church updates, prayers and other news, go to updates





King of Kings Lutheran Church is a member congregation

of the Oregon Synod of the   ELCA, a Reconciling in Christ Synod.


King of Kings is a Reconciling in Christ congregation. Trusting in

Christ we welcome all with love and hospitality. We declare our

support and welcome to people who experience discrimination

                    based on race, religion, poverty, physical features, physical or

                    mental infirmities, mental illness, age, gender, gender identity 

                    or sexual orientation.

Wedding Policy

The pastor may, at his or her discretion, bless and/or marry any

loving couple, including same gender couples, within the church

                    building or on church grounds.

Please contact for more information.